Atonal Togetherness

2016 . 11


An experimental piece with text and translation towards music.

Atonal togetherness


I feel almost driven to get us together,

Almost excited to bring harmony in us,

Relay on you,

Like you all will follow me,

I like to walk and swerve,

Like you live all day.

What I don’t get is what you want

Living, without looking at me?

We are at the same place

We are here all day

Is it really to hard to talk to me

Acknowledge me?

Do I always need to play to these strict rules?

The ones of my own imagined games.

When does the beat kick in,

The flow to finally start the walk

And, when do we see each other

Arn’t we thinking the same?

Why do we live here

Do I know you

Do you know me

Do we have a base

We want a space

All places that bring us back to a base

Tonal music something to rely on.

But togetherness without belonging

Is made in a moment

A split second of a day

It’s atonal music

Without a base

I don’t know how easy I could replace

You, the spot I feel save

Just to open up

And see who’s there around


Arn’t we kind of together

Bound to each other

Can I walk and mix up a bit broaden up

It just doesn’t feel safe.

To share, work together


It all sounds so safe

But like I said

It’s like atonal music

Without a base

To rely on

I need to leave you

To go on

To move on

To live on

To breathe

To think

To feel

To be


I miss you

I miss me


Where were we again?

Together at the same spot

Living in our own spot

Sharing no word

Not one glance

No understanding

It’s actually easy

Fine by me

It’s not that complex as thinking about

Talking and agreeing with me

We should part is what I would think after a while


You don’t belong here

But we are here


Sharing our own spot

Sharing no word

Not one glance

No understanding

It’s time to coexist

Live together

Even just to mix up and move on

To have a goal in life

And to live

Like we need bread


We need me

And you