Bringing people together is a big focus for me. In the CityCircle project in Madrid I tried to get an insight into the qualities of being together. I asked myself what defines being together and what it means. also I tried to get an insight into locally and collaborative learning. Asking myself the question; how do people learn from and to each other?


After a long research on the qualities of being together and the qualities for learning from and to each other I got the possibility to connect with Project El-Solar and Intermediae. This project is based on gathering the ideas, energy and connections from the people living in a Neighborhood. With this tool it is easy to talk, draw or connect in many different ways. One of the main values of this project is to listen to the people you would create for. But equally as important is to create a moment where people feel that they have been heard and that we value their thoughts. In this process you start to create a community from-out talking, discussing and in the end meeting your neighborhood. I believe that when you create something for people we should start building from the start with the regular users.


Click here for official collaboration site

Part of the HERE AND OUT expo in Matadero Madrid


Together with Proyecto El Solar & Intermediae


2018 . 01

This animated image shows how many locals were sharing ideas and how many local ideas are now in the hands of the project developers.