Each One Teach One


An installation that triggers the neighbourhood to contribute with their thoughts, hands, skills, hearts and ideas for a possible social community space.

I believe in the power of strong communities and close neighbours. For that reason I absolutely love local initiated public spaces. This installation aims to trigger neighbours and passerby to communicate at the actual spot where such an initiative is going to happen.


'As a designer it is impossible to create a community on your own,

but it is easy to ruin the energy amongst neighbours'.


Within the field of Social Design, Social work or anything related to the Social public space a team of trained ‘experts’ designs and realises a public domain. During my study I realised that it is the locals that are the real experts of the space and the professionals should be there to facilitate and help them.


'Invite the neighbourhood to co-think, co-design,

co-create and so to fully cooperate'


During my stay in Madrid I contacted Proyecto El Solar in Matadero Madrid (initiated by Intermediae), to realise this concept. Proyecto El Solar is a starting community space and I helped them with my installation to start talking to the neighbourhood and its passerby and so get a better understanding of what they wanted this place to become.

This all resulted into a lot of ideas and contribution from the locals. To show them that their ideas have been heard and are being considered I have put their idea’s on the spot as seen in the image above.


I believe that when you create something for people we should start building

from the start with the regular users.


Official collaboration site

Part of the HERE AND OUT expo in Matadero Madrid


Together with Proyecto El Solar & Intermediae


2018 . 01