In conversation with Μιχάληs Μουντάκης


Michalis Mountakis is a greek bouzouki maker. He owns his shop in Metaxourgeio for a fair bit of time and has seen the neighbourhood change throughout the years.

My friend Theodoros Daskalakis


The story of Theodoros Daskalakis is one more personal & especially musical. Theo has been my guide, translator (after a recording) for Michalis Mountakis, got me his brothers guitar and is a friend which I found myself with in the bars of Metaxourgeio. Theo introduced me to the nightlife especially the onces filled with jazz bars, beer & the actual good souvlaki sticks. After all that he told me he played drums so we decided to find a drumkit and record it. Later we went to his apartment and we composed a song out of it. For the recording I used my Tascam, and his audio card for which I needed to use my final mbs of 3G to download the driver to run it on my laptop.


Photo: Alex King




The neighbourhood Metaxourgeio in Athens is an area with a lot of history. Overwhelmed  by the environment I found myself in, I started collecting all kind of odd things. I decided I wanted to talk with people, but only to realize English is not a language many people speak there. For me it was a logical step to gather instruments and a recorder and start jamming with people in order to gather stories. Armed with my 5 watt guitar amp, a borrowed guitar and my Tascam I went on my mission to create a platform for people to speak out, perform and to be heard.


Please scroll down to listen to the stories and music I was able to capture during my stay in Athens.

A story by Zachos Varfis


Zachos Varfis is an architect who decided to build an outdoor skatecafé in Metaxourgeio called Latraac. English was not the problem here but he likes music too and he had a nice story to tell.

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BY Ketter&Co

Photo: SOOC, Mενέλαος Μυρίλλας

The performer Elderdiery Mohamed Fadul & The Exhibition stage


Elderdiery Mohamed Fadul is a performance artist that lived in the area of Metaxourgeio. I have met him a few times walking in the streets and he seems to know a lot of people. After a short talk, mainly about art and performance in Greece I invited him to bring his instruments and come to the exhibition opening to jam with me. For the opening of the expo and to literally offer people a stage I created an indoor stage for anyone who wanted to share something that evening.

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