Using the methodology of Urban Polling I bring current local issues back to the streets, where people really meet. Through installations and

mini-events, people are challenged to share their opinion and engage in conversation.


Urban Polling facilitates dialogue, and playfully contributes to a more durable and sustainable involvement amongst citizens.


Please note that Urban Polling is a context and site specific method so feel free to contact me if you are interested in this personal approach of gathering opinions, visualizing opinions and re-introducing human interaction in daily life.

For years Kruisstraat has been owned by cyclist but also used by cars. At the end of last year the municipality installed four ‘cyclist-friendly’ bump. Beforehand, the opinions of people about the effect of these measurements on the traffic safety were divided. Today the visitors of Kruisstraat have had half a year to experience these adaptations in practice.


Has the Kruisstraat become safer traffic-wise? Shed your light on it.


Turn on a white bike-light if you think the safety of the cyclists has been improved, or a red light if you don’t.


2018 . 06