With Urban Polling thanks to the department of Man and Leisure.

The Kruisstraat is designed for the cyclist and the car has been a guest for years. Yet

according to official research there was still a need for speed restriction to improve the safety

from the street. Because of that Eindhoven installed 4 ‘bikefriendly’ speed bumps in

september 2017. In advance the opinions were already mixed. Now, half a year later we can

reflect if the situation improved or not. And that is why we ask you, as the daily visitor of the

Kruisstraat to answer this question.


Choose a white bike light if you think that the safety improved or choose a red bike light

when you do not agree with this.


2018 Eindhoven

Eindhoven still grows. The municipality of Eindhoven lost their ‘fear of height’ and sees skyscrapers as a possibility for the growing city to keep it’s liveable and open character. Thats why the new construction plans of Eindhoven are dominated by residential and office towers.


Eindhoven, the Manhattan next to the Dommel? Some people love it and others are concerned.


Eindhoven wants to reach for the sky but what do you want?

Do — I don’t care - Don’t do it





2018 Eindhoven

Eindhoven is one of the most green cities of the Netherlands. The municipality of Eindhoven states their ambitions and investment plans in the green policy plan. With these plans they want to create an even more attractive green Eindhoven for their inhabitants, visitors and investors. The policy plan also incorporates the quality of life by dedicating some pages on the improvement of air quality and biodiversity and this should also make the city more resilient agains heavy rising temperature or extreme rain.


Your (possible-future) garden is a tiny piece of Eindhoven that is all yours to compose, decorate and maintain. By choosing and placing six tiles together with our ‘gardeners’ you can indicate the balance between grey and green in your ideal garden. Eindhoven the greenest?


2018 Eindhoven




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