A musical project inspired by the work and words of Mara Varelaki stated below

Eindhoven 2021

The trees stood. The rain persisted. Darker and darker clouds colliding above the woods, reducing the millennia-old silence to shreds. Cold and sharp light broke through the clouds. A thunderbolt struck the lonely tree on the top of the highest mountain, where it stood before the rain start falling; where it stood before it was a tree.

- Mara Varelaki

All Music, recording and mixing by Cas van Son

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Recording of the first demo's for VOOS. A Rotterdam based no bull-shit left punk band. Album is currently being mixed. 2022

For Stadler Made

Stadler Made's Promotional tracks 2021

Special Thanks to Rowan Hendrix for the drums

Stadler Made's Kickstarter movie 2017

Special Thanks to Martijn Straatman for the drums

For Bricknic

Bricknic's Promotional track 2021

Voice over for a project in 2018


BLAUHAUS JAMS are musical sessions with a random selection of people.

Eindhoven 2018 - 2022

BLAUHAUS JAMS are bringing a collection of jams, tunes and collaborations recorded in my former home studio located in Eindhoven with various musicians, artists and other amazing humans.

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Performed all Guitar on this track

Performed all Guitar on this track

Live perfomance with Strawl and Black Lion 2018

Performed all Solo Guitar on this album

Performed all Guitar on this track